• Set of 6 Mirror Decors Classic 1

The Symbol : MAL-6SZH-Clas1-SET6
Decor color Silver mirror
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Quantity in the package 6 pcs
Delivery price 49
Courier Germany 49
Courier-European Union 65
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A set of 6 mirror decors matching the furniture - IKEA Malmo dressers, but also for other furniture, walls or doors.

Fast and easy fastening of the decorative element on double-sided tape for furniture (tear-off), which is included in the set or universal customer silicone.

You can buy single large decors here:


If you like the design, but your furniture has different dimensions, no problem - WRITE TO US - and we will design and make the decor as you wish.

Quick and easy fastening of the decorative panel on a double-sided tape for furniture, which is included in the set (tear tape, ie the option of removing the decor) or permanently using a universal silicone or Client's glue.

The price refers to the number of decors indicated on the product card "Quantity in the package". The price does not include furniture that is not on sale.

78,7cm x 19,4cm; 38,8cm x 19,4cm; +/-2mm.

Decor made of a safe mirror of silver plexi with a thickness of 3 mm

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