• Furniture wooden leg DARK GREEN-GOLD

Universal mounting system
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We offer you beautiful, wooden furniture legs for sofa, armchair or dresser, made of durable beech wood. Our furniture legs are decorated with real brass in brushed gold or silver steel depending on the model. The complete manufacture of our legs by hand in Poland is a guarantee of the highest quality of the product and the individual character of our products.

For painting our furniture legs we have used the highest quality, in terms of durability and safety, Fluger paint in several of the most fashionable colors.

1. The fixing of legs is very simple because they are equipped with a standard M8 fixing system, which is used on the market in most furniture including IKEA furniture. You just twist old furniture legs and screw our beautiful legs into your furniture.


2. In the case when you do not have a standard system fixing legs in your furniture or it is different from the standard, then you should use an additional fixing system (optional to buy - above the box No / Yes), screw the plate to the furniture with screws that are in set and screw the leg.


Enjoy the metamorphosis of your DIY furniture !!!
Dimensions of furniture legs:
- height - 15 cm,
- diameter of the base - 4.0 cm,
- diameter of the peak - 4.7 cm,
- metal element height - 4.0 cm
Set contains:
- furniture leg,
- standard M8 fixing system,
optional - additionally bought:
- universal fastening system - 4 pcs

Dimensions of furniture legs: - height - 15 cm, - diameter of the base - 4.0 cm, - diameter of the top - 4.7 cm, - height of the metal element - 4.0 cm